Additional News

Additional news

Back Creek Christian Academy is proud to announce the Bobcat Blast – Star Trip 2017 which will be held on Friday, May 5th.    This is our annual fun run fundraiser where all students obtain pledges and then run for 30 minutes.

During the weeks leading up to the Blast, students at Back Creek Christian Academy will discuss how Jesus brings light into the darkness and how “Rebel Forces” (peer pressure) and the “Great Menace” (sin) have no control over us when we put our TRUST and FAITH in Jesus Christ!

To make a donation for Bobcat Blast, click on the link below (all proceeds go directly to Back Creek Christian Academy):

Bobcat Blast – Star Trip 2017

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Wednesday Night Meal & Groups

Please join us this week for Wednesday Night Meal & Groups.  Dinner is at 6pm in the Family Life Center gym.  Meals are $5/person or $20 max/family.  There will be a kids’ program, and Youth/Adult bible study to follow.  Click on the image below to see more details of groups being offered.  All are invited to come!  Help is needed for the set up/clean up for our meals.  There will be a sign-up sheet available available Wednesdays if you would like to help.

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2017 Chronological Bible Reading

Please join us as we read chronologically through the Bible together this year.  There are several ways you can access the Chronological Reading Plan.  Click here: and access the printable version, media version or sign up for the daily email version.  We have also printed copies of Chronological Reading Plan and placed them in the rotunda and vestibule for your use.








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