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Additional news

ARK – Acts of Radical Kindness – July 2nd – August 27th

Join us Sunday mornings at 9am in the Fellowship Hall for our ARK Summer Program. We are also collecting donations of new bed linens, comforters and pillows for Beds for Kids, which is a local non-profit that supports families moving from shelters into stable housing.

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Update from NCDOT & City of Charlotte Meeting on May 25th Re: Back Creek Church Road Improvements

The meeting went over the three main transportation projects in our area that are being built by both the City of Charlotte and the state NC Department of Transportation (NC DOT).

1) Back Creek Church Road – this project has been dormant for many months but is starting back up this summer 2017.  At the Rocky River Road side of Back Creek Church Road, The City of Charlotte is adding sidewalks, a bike path, and tree plantings for several hundred feet. There will also be a new left hand turn lane on Back Creek Church Road for turning onto Rocky River Road. Also several hills will be smoothed down to increase sight lines.

2) Rocky River Road – this project was just fully funded by the NC DOT and should start construction in the spring of 2018. The area between Back Creek Church Road and Hood Road will be increased to three lanes to accommodate a left hand turn lane on Rocky River Road onto both Back Creek Church Road and Hood Road. The NC DOT engineer said they will be performing traffic studies “to see if a stop light will be needed at the intersections.” Construction should take 6 -7 months.

3) Eastern Circumferential – This is the project tied into the permanent closing of the rail road crossing at Back Creek Church Road and Highway 49. A new road will be constructed where Mallard Creek Church Road dead ends at Hwy 49, go under the new railroad tracks (the bridge so the road can go under the tracks has already been completed), and tie back into Back Creek Church Road somewhere below the creek. This road has just been fully funded by the state, but land acquisition will not start until 2019. Then there will be a period of surveying and drawings, so construction is not slated to start before 2021. The project estimated completion date is 2024.

Please note the NC DOT engineer mentioned this project is contractually obligated to be completed and the new road operating before the rail road crossing at Back Creek Church and Hwy 49 can be permanently closed. The NC DOT engineer mentioned that a cul-de-sac turn around will be the most likely scenario for the area at the rail crossing and that hopefully the church will be involved as the planning for that space takes place in the future.

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2017 Chronological Bible Reading

Please join us as we read chronologically through the Bible together this year.  There are several ways you can access the Chronological Reading Plan.  Click here: and access the printable version, media version or sign up for the daily email version.  We have also printed copies of Chronological Reading Plan and placed them in the rotunda and vestibule for your use.








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