Renovate – Phase I Completed

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As we reflect back over the past year, we realize that God has taken us on an amazing journey.  We, as a congregation, set out to make some transformational changes on the campus for the purpose of welcoming our members and neighbors to Back Creek. We are still working on several aspects of fine tuning the facilities and learning how to optimize our new overflow area.  While we have reached a substantial completion milestone with the general contractor for the overall project, we continue to work in the background to complete punch list items.  But we are so grateful to be back in the renovated sanctuary!

The Campus Master Planning Committee (CMP) would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Back Creek community for your support on Phase I of the Renovate project.  While the project took longer than expected, we feel the results achieved the goals we set out to accomplish for this phase of the project.  It’s clear that everyone on this campus had a hand in this project.  Many who are at Back Creek on a daily basis stepped up to adapt to new traffic flows as well as reduced parking options.   There was a great spirit of collaboration with all of the groups who made our transformed Family Life Center (FLC) work well throughout the week as well as on Sundays.   The CMP would also like to sincerely thank the members of Back Creek who made contributions to the project from their own businesses – a real testimony to showing gratitude to God for his blessings.  There were many instances throughout the project where members participated to transform the FLC as well as prepare for reentry to the renovated sanctuary.  There were many Saturdays where members showed up to lend a hand with the outdoor aspects of the project.

This spirit of cooperation and camaraderie was a joy to observe and will hopefully continue as we take care of what God has blessed us with.   So, as we begin to enjoy our updated campus we can truly say, all glory to God, as this was His plan all along.







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