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New Sermon Series  -  “RENOVATE”

Pastor Carr’s sermon series will be based on the implications of upcoming campus changes for our mission, but also the necessity of continual spiritual renovation both in our individual walks with Christ and our life together as a church. Sermons may be streamed through our website, facebook or Itunes. We hope you will join us on Sundays!

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Christian Education at 9am on Sundays:

One stage in the RENOVATE project on our campus is developing. Once we’ve demolished the things that must be torn down, once we’ve deconstructed the good to make way for the great, then it’s time for development. For our campus, that means transforming its appearance and a renovating the sanctuary. For us as a church, it means each one of us developing ourselves and our spiritual gifts in order to progress toward spiritual maturity and maximize our kingdom impact.

We all want to develop our gifts and skills to serve the Lord, but sometimes we don’t know where to start. An important part of development is assessment of where you are and who God created you to be. We want everyone in our congregation (member or guest) to be able to take that step, so for the four Sundays in September, everyone is invited to Adult Sunday School (9am Sundays) in the Family Life Center, where we will work together on DEVELOPING:

 WEEK 1 (9/3): Take the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. This is an assessment that helps us better understand who God created us to be. It isn’t perfect and isn’t mean to define our identity, but it can help us discover patterns and tendencies in our “wiring.”

WEEK 2 (9/10): Take a Spiritual Gifts Assessment. The Holy Spirit gives good gifts to all believers, and this tool will help us discern our spiritual gifts. Again, it’s not perfect and we’re never limited in our service by a tool like this, but it will offer insight.

WEEK 3 (9/17): Receive and Review Results. This will be our opportunity to see the results of our assessments and consider their accuracy and what insight we have gained.

WEEK 4 (9/24): Application. Information is an important part of developing ourselves, but if we don’t DO SOMETHING with it, we will never develop into the people or the church we are called to be! This time will be used to explore opportunities for you to put your unique personality and gifts to work for Christ’s Kingdom through Back Creek Church.

This time together could be enormously fruitful for us as individuals and as a church as we seek to connect people with the hope of the Gospel. Please come and be a part of Adult Sunday School in September.

***If you aren’t available on Sunday mornings, an alternative opportunity for these sessions will be offered over 3 weeks in September, on Wednesday Nights (9/13, 9/20, 9/27) during our Community Group time.

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Several years ago, we started a capital campaign for the building of another facility on our campus with a vision to expand our capacity to connect people with the hope of the Gospel. In God’s providence, that campaign did not reach its goal and did not reach the “build” stage, and the funds raised were invested at that time, not knowing what God had in store for them.  In order to make better use of our older buildings for space needs, the church had a structural engineer evaluate the Original Sanctuary. Sadly, the conclusion reached was that building was not safe to use. The session proactively asked for a plan concerning the Building Fund and the buildings on campus and approved the formation of the Campus Master Plan (CMP) Committee.

June 17th, 2015 was the first meeting of the CMP committee and our architectural firm with the intention of creating a 20-year Master Plan for our campus, driven by desire to repair the Original Sanctuary and have a coherent plan for future growth. Due to costs, the Original Sanctuary, the 30’s building, and the Connector to the current CE building were deemed unsalvageable. The next step was to formulate the best plan for growth on campus and to remove these structures. August 30th, 2015 a strategic planning meeting was held for everyone using BCC’s campus. The architectural firm provided a meeting framework and questions for each group, including the Academy, Scouts, Upward and the Preschool. The architectural firm took all the information provided at that strategic planning meeting and we began the process of creating a Master Plan, while the CMP conducted discussion about current capital needs on BCC’s campus.

On March 13, 2016, the congregation approved funds from the Repurposed Building Fund to be used for the demolition of the Original Sanctuary, the 30s Building, and the Connector to the current Christian Education Building. The CMP Committee has been hard at work with our architects and contractor preparing a plan for that demolition and improvements to our current facilities (especially our sanctuary) as Phase One of our Campus Master Plan. The earliest step you will see in these improvements is moving our infant and toddler nurseries to newer and more easily accessible spaces near our sanctuary (Family Life Center Classroom 206, known affectionately as the “pleather room,” will be our infant nursery and FLC Classroom 207, known as the choir room, will serve as our toddler nursery).

We are calling Phase One “RENOVATE,” and will launch the demolition and renovation project this summer in conjunction with a sermon series based on the implications of these campus changes for our mission, but also the necessity of continual spiritual renovation both in our individual walks with Christ and our life together as a church. There was a called congregational meeting on Sunday, June 11th and it was voted unanimously to proceed with this Phase of the Master Plan.

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