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At Back Creek Midweek on February 21st, we will have the opportunity to hear from missionaries Savannah and Joseph Foucachon about their ministry in Paris, and how we can partner with them for the sake of the Gospel in France. Savannah grew up at Back Creek Church and is part of the Back Creek family (Laurie Welch’s daughter), so please come out to hear what the Lord is doing in Paris!





Savannah & Joseph Foucachon

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All are invited to join us each Wednesday at 6pm in the Family Life Center (FLC) Gym for dinner. The cost is $5/person or $20 max/family. There is a kids’ program along with youth and adult Bible Study to follow. Infant and toddler nurseries are provided in FLC, Rooms 205 & 207. No pre-registration is required.

For a list of Bible Studies offered each week, see the flier below. (Community groups meet on campus each Wednesday evening but also in various homes throughout the week – all are welcome to visitors.)

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