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Giving Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are my donations to Back Creek Church tax deductible?
A:  Yes, Back Creek Church meets all of the necessary IRS guidelines for tax exempt status and to receive tax deductible contributions from qualified donations.

Q:  Do I have to be a member to get a contribution statement from your church?
A:  No you do not. Statements are sent out each quarter,and we only require a name and an address so we may properly account for each gift.

Q:  I would like to try online giving. Will it show up on my regular contribution statement?
A:  Yes, online gifts are included on your statement along with your other contribution methods.

Q:  Does online giving cost me anything?
A:  For the user, there are no fees when giving online through our website. The church does incur an approximate 2% processing fee for each Pay Pal, debit, and credit card transaction.

Q:  Can I get my online gift refunded?
A:  Online donations cannot be refunded. Please contact the church business office for all contribution issues.

Q:  Is online giving safe? I do not want the church to have my credit card information.
A:  Your online contributions are “securely protected by data encryption technology, reducing the risk of online fraud and identity theft” by one of the internet’s leading payment services company. The church does not process or store any of your financial information. However, we do recommend you follow best online practices by keeping your browser up to date and using virus protection.

Q:  Can I pay online for my youth trips, small group books, or the Upward basketball program?
A:  No, at this time we do not accept any online payments for special programs. These need to be coordinated through the program leaders. However, we may expand our options as our capabilities grow.

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