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May Series: Common Evangelism

(how the common call of the church to proclaim the gospel is lived out in community)

This Seminar series was held in May, 2021 on campus. Videos can be viewed from this page on our website or on our YouTube page.

​For many of us, evangelism feels like an optional accessory rather than an essential tool to use on our journey. Yet Jesus gave us a shared, common call to proclaim the gospel. Join us as we explore and discuss how we live out this calling together, as the church. These seminars are concise “bursts” of focused learning in community, each covering a 4-5 week period a few times a year, with both guest speakers and Back Creek members teaching.


Middle School and High School students are encouraged to attend (the seminars will lead into their evening programs), while children 5th grade and younger will have a concurrent “Grow” program.

Our guest speaker will be Tyler Miller who currently serves with Cru City's ministry of Church Movements while finishing his MDiv at RTS Charlotte.