Back Creek Church (ARP) is now hiring a new Director of Music Ministry


a. Public Worship and Special Services

i. Work weekly with the Minister to select music for public worship and other special

services (e.g., Maundy Thursday, Christmas Eve, Weddings, Funerals).

1. Note: Music selections must promote congregational singing and be in

accordance with the Scriptures and doctrinal standards of the ARP Church.

ii. Conduct all instrumentalists and vocalists in leading the congregation in the element

of singing during public worship and other special services.

iii. Hold weekly rehearsals to instruct and lead all instrumentalists, vocalists, and

audio/video technicians in preparation for public worship and other special services.

iv. Build the visual aids (i.e., text, lyrics) for the elements of public worship and other

special services to assist congregational participation.

b. Music Ministry

i. Recruit, lead, equip, and train (e.g., provide music lessons) congregants with musical

gifts to serve the church vocally or instrumentally. Seeking new or unused

giftedness in the congregation will require intentionality.

ii. Work with the Youth Ministry Committee to build up youth for musical worship –

including congregational singing and identifying and developing youth with musical


iii. Work with the Children’s Ministry Committee to build up children for musical

worship – including congregational singing during public worship and leading music

for special Children’s events (e.g., Vacation Bible School).

c. Administrative

i. Participate in weekly church staff meetings.

ii. Represent the music ministry on the Worship Committee, which is the standing

committee responsible for developing the philosophy of the worship ministry and

executing it under the oversight of the Session. This will include:

1. Coordinating with the deacon members to manage the maintenance, repair,

and replacement plan for music ministry equipment.

2. Coordinating with the Technology Committee to maintain worship related

licenses and subscriptions.

3. Coordinating with the A/V Team to assist with the training of volunteers on

the A/V equipment used for public worship and special services.


a. Spiritual

i. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior of sinners; and

receive and trust in Him alone for your salvation.

ii. Affirm the Bible, the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as the Word of the

living God and the only perfect rule of faith and practice.

iii. Accept the doctrines of the ARP Church, contained in the Westminster Confession of

Faith and Catechisms, as founded on the Scriptures and the expression of your faith.

iv. Ability to guard one’s heart to see that the musical worship be offered to the glory

of God and the edification of His people, not for entertainment or pleasure.

v. Willingness to become a church member; making use of all rights and privileges and

fulfilling all responsibilities.

b. Professional

i. Experience in leading musical worship in a blended style – including psalms, hymns,

and spiritual songs in both ancient and contemporary arrangements.

ii. Proven aptitude to recruit, lead, equip, and train congregants with musical

giftedness to serve the church vocally or instrumentally.

iii. Strong vocal singing ability and excellent musicianship (guitar or piano/keyboard).

iv. Ability to work well within the church’s organizational structure – which includes the

Session, Diaconate, committees, staff, and other volunteer teams.

v. Possess working knowledge of the following software applications: Planning Center,

ProPresenter, and Abelton Live.

vi. Ability to engage with the technological tools needed for worship services –

including the soundboard, video (livestream), and lighting controls.

vii. Competency in basic music administration (e.g., scheduling, maintaining music

usage records, budget input preparation, copyright compliance

Please submit letters of interest with resumes to