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Back Creek Church has been a connection point for people in our community since 1802.

Back Creek was planted under the name "Bethany." We don't exactly know how the name changed (there are several legends), but we know it had to do with a nearby creek. The church moved to its current location in 1853, and met in a log cabin until a brick sanctuary (rendered above) could be constructed between 1868-1871 with hand-made bricks. Today, columns stand in the footprint of that sanctuary at the front of our property, made of those same bricks, to honor God's faithfulness in the past. 

Some of our present families have been connected to Back Creek for generations, with names like Harris, Cochran, and Stroup. Long ago, the church was the meeting place for neighbors who received their mail spread out on a large rock on Sundays. The area then called “Newell”, was a dairy farming community with many large families. Now, these farms have been replaced by neighborhoods in our thriving area, as University City and Harrisburg have grown in population and diversity. We see this at Back Creek Church as well, as we are growing in numbers and starting to reflect the diversity of our community. 

God is faithful, and his faithfulness has always been on display in and through Back Creek Church. 

All around our campus and in our ministries there are subtle reminders of our past - past we honor and learn from; a yesterday that gives way to the vibrancy of today - a present that gives hopeful glimpses of the future. For over two centuries Back Creek’s ability to connect people has been deeply rooted in our identity -  a family that gathers from different neighborhood, brothers and sisters with diverse backgrounds and different stories, all living united in the name of one Ancient Hope. God’s church is His people.


Welcome to Back Creek Church, where real hope is accessible to all.  

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